27 May 2018
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  Research Priorities

Research priorities

1. Studies related to post crash management (from crash scene to hospital)

2. Epidemiological studies of injuries and crashes

3. Risk assessment studies

4. Studies related to behavioral and psychological aspects of crashes

5. Studies on socioeconomic issues of events

6. Studies on environment safety assessment

7. Studies on vehicle safety assessment

8. Studies on design, localization, and assessment of validity and reliability of questionnaires and tools

9. Epidemiological studies in the area of ​​traffic-related injuries

10. Studies on safety training

11. Intervention studies on safety improvement and injury prevention

12. Studies on infrastructure improvements to enhance safety and prevent injuries and accidents

13. Studies on improving safety and injury prevention, technically and technologically

14. Systematic review studies in the field of safety traffic-related events and safety promotion

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