25 September 2017
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First Announcement

2017 Monday 14 Aug

The First Meeting of the Steering Committee on the Project “Safe and Health Promoting Community, Sahand”

The meeting of the steering committee on the project “safe and health Promoting community, Sahand” was held for the first time in the office of local government in East Azerbaijan in September 7, 2016 (1395/06/16).
2016 Saturday 24 Sep

The number of traffic death registered in East Azerbaijan Forensic Medicine database equals 3051 as car user’s decedent

Over an eight-year period, of 7818 traffic deaths recorded by East Azerbaijan Forensic Medicine database, a large number refers to car users’ life losses.
2016 Thursday 01 Sep

As the most frequent physical injury, hand injury accounts for 6.6% to 2.9% of all physical injuries.

2016 Thursday 01 Sep

2016 Conference on Safe Community Development in Taiwan & Travelling Seminar on Safe Community Programs

The conference on Sustainable Safe Community Program Development in October 16, 2016 is calling for paper.
2016 Wednesday 31 Aug

Deputy for training of Health Ministry’s satisfaction with actions of the National Academic Trusteeship Program Region 2 by the Committee of Traffic Knowledge Development

Deputy for training of Health ministry said: In the country, training related to traffic injuries and health is going to get started.
2016 Thursday 18 Aug

Nomination Announcement for the Asian Network Head of Safe Community

Nomination Announcement for the Asian Network Head of Safe Community
2016 Sunday 07 Aug


Colonel Mikaeeli and Lieutenant Pour Ebrahim attended a meeting with the head of Injury Research Center and the members on June 19, 2016.
2016 Sunday 03 Jul

Summer School 2018

Summer School with a focus on Injury Surveillance, in 2018
2016 Saturday 02 Jul

Development of Road Traffic and Injury Knowledge: a National Meeting

The national meeting was held with focus on collecting details of specialists in road traffic field on a database...
2016 Wednesday 27 Apr